How to Choose Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair?

Keratin treatment is becoming more popular all over the world. Thanks to keratin treatment you don’t have to worry even if you have curly, frizzy, and unruly hair. Keratin treatment gives you the perfect straight, shiny, glossy, and silky smooth hair you always wished for. Keratin treatment infuses the hair shaft with keratin, the natural protein found in hair. This is essentially a chemical treatment that requires a reaction that takes place after heat application, and causes a change to the structure of the hair strand. Beware that many keratin treatments on the market contain ingredients that release formaldehyde while heated, and thus are toxic. The treatment is effective for 6 to 12 weeks.

keratin treated hairIf you’ve decided to get a keratin treatment you’ve probably spent a lot of money. It’s only natural that you’d want the treatment to last longer. There are a few rules that you must follow in order to make your keratin treatment last longer. First, maintain a period of 3-4 days without washing your hair, after you first treat your hair, to allow the chemicals to work on your hair. After the waiting period, choose a special shampoo for keratin treated hair that is free of sulfates and harsh detergents.

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Why do you need a special shampoo for keratin treated hair?

You might think why you should change your regular shampoo after getting a keratin treatment since it worked for you earlier. The problem is that keratin treatment changes the natural orientation of your hair. The chemicals in keratin treatment open up the scale-like shafts of the outer surface of our hair which are called cuticles. Then the chemicals penetrate the surface and works from the inside to make the strands straight.

For the treatment to last longer, the cuticles of your hair should remain closed. But if you use your regular shampoo, there is a high chance that the cuticles will be opened. Moreover some ingredients from your regular shampoo can work against the keratin and wash it off. As a result your treatment might fade away within weeks instead of months.

Shampoo properties compatible with keratin treatment

Avoid harsh surfactants

If you love your keratin treated straight and perfect hair, you must avoid any shampoo that contains sodium or sulfates or any related compounds otherwise you can say bye to your beautiful hair.

Sodium content of a shampoo acts as thickener which dissolves keratin while sulfates are harsh detergents that can affect the hair cuticle. The most frequently used component of sodium and sulfates in shampoos is sodium lauryl sulfate. So if you can find it on the ingredient list, don’t buy the shampoo!

You should also avoid shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Besides washing off the keratin these ingredients will wash off the natural oil of your hair and make them dull and dry.

Choose pH balanced shampoo

When deciding on a brand of shampoo to use, a smart decision would be to opt for shampoo brands that offer specially formulated shampoos with balanced pH. Shampoos with pH level between 4.5 to 5.5 help in keeping the cuticles of the hair strands closed which prolongs the life of the treatment.

Organic shampoos are preferred

Organic shampoos are generally compatible with keratin treatment but some companies offer specialized organic shampoos for keratin treated hair. If you can find such an organic shampoo which is compatible with your skin, that would be the best.

Recommended shampoos

We are including a list of some specially formulated shampoos that are compatible keratin treated hair and designed to extend the life of the treatment. Looking through the ingredient lists and reviews from other users are always a good idea.

John Masters Organics John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing Shampoo 6 fl oz – 6 fl oz is formulated for chemically treated hair, with gentle surfactants, with no sulfates. This shampoo contains soy, rice and oat proteins to strengthen damaged hair, and is highly moisturizing with Aloe vera, honey, panthenol and several organic plant oils. Read full review of John Masters Organics products here.

Miessence Desert Flower Shampoo is another excellent mild shampoo that is great for chemically treated hair. It is highly moisturizing and does not contain any synthetic preservatives of fragrance ingredients. It is currently one of my favorites. Click to see the full ingredients list.

Is your hair keratin treated?

If, yes, how do you keep it clean and frizz-free?

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