Pura d’or shampoo for Hair Loss

pura d'or shampooAmong all sulfate-free hair loss shampoos I’ve reviewed, Pura d’or shampoo, is probably the best. It contains fairly mild synthetic surfactants, and all other ingredients are natural. It is based on both hair loss contemporary research, and traditional treatments. This shampoo contains several ingredients that are known to slow down hair loss, and enhance hair growth. However, it is important to note that not all of the ingredients have been shown to be functional in shampoo. Some of the research shows the functionality of these ingredients for oral consumption, and not topical application.

As with other hair loss shampoos, it is also important to remember that just using shampoo, can not always reverse hair loss, as this is a fairly complex condition, that sometimes requires medical or cosmetic treatment.


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Pura d’or shampoo ingredients

IngredientFunction and comments
Purified water
Sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut)Surfactant, hair conditioning
Cocamidopropyl betaine (derived from coconut)Medium strength surfactant - cleaning, foam boosting. Assosiated with irritation and allergic reaction in some people, maybe due to contaminations.
Tea tree oilAnti-fungal, anti-bacterial
Aragan oilSkin conditioning
DHT blocker (proprietary herbal blend)
Black seed (kanoji) oilHair growth (traditional use)
Amla oilDHT blocker, and traditional hair health promotion
Nettle extractDHT blocker, skin conditioner, anti-dandruff
BiotinHair Conditioning, Antiseborrhoeic
Saw palmettoDHT blocker
Cedarwood oilAnti-oxidant, increased blood circulation
Rosemary oilAnti-microbial, increased blood circulation
Sage extractHair Conditioning, maybe DHT blocker
He shou wu (fo-ti)Hair proliferation, skin conditioning (traditional use)
Hibiscus oilHair growth promotion (traditional use)
Pygeum extractBelieved to be DHT blocker, no scientific evidence. Anti-oxidant
Pumpkin seed oilDHT blocker
Green tea extractAnti-oxidant, DHT blocker
ZincSupplement for zinc deficiency, sometimes associated with hair loss.
Soy isoflavonesDHT blocker
Beta sitosterolsDHT blocker
Aloe vera Moisturizer
NiacinIncreased blood circulation
Vitamin EAnti oxidant
B-vitamin complexIncreased blood circulation
PhenoxyethanolMild preservative
Grapefruit seed extractNatural preservative
Lactic acidHair strengthening and balance ph
Dead sea saltIncreased blood circulation



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