What are the benefits of Moroccan oil shampoo?

Moroccan oil is oil extracted from the fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa ) natively grown only in an area of 3200 square miles in south-western Morocco.  Traditionally, aragan oil is pressed by hand from lightly roasted kernels, but the quality of this product is inconsistent. Aragan oil for cosmetic use can be either cold-pressed or solvent extracted. You should prefer cold pressed oil, because of the preservation of high antioxidant content.

Anti-sebum property of aragan oil has been clinically shown and makes it useful for cleaning oily hair and skin. Essentially, sebum is an oily substance excreted by glands under the skin all over the body, and in the scalp. This substance protects the skin from breakage. But, if too much sebum is excreted, the skin is oily, bacteria and dead cells can accumulate in the hair, and lead to dry scalp.   Using Moroccan oil shampoo can help keep hair clean and healthy.

Other traditional claims about aragan oil have not been tested clinically, but include anti-aging, moisturizing and wound healing activities. Additionally, aragan oil is claimed to make hair shiny.

Aragan oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E that may be useful as anti-aging agent.

A single case of severe allergy to aragan oil – smell and ingestion, was reported in the literature. Thus, use caution when using.

Moroccan oil shampoo products and brands

Aragan tree

Many aragan oil containing shampoos are organic and are sulfate free and paraben free. Sulfate is an irritant, and may cause itchy of dry scalp if you are sensitive, you can read more about its effect here. Parabens are preservatives, that have been linked to breast cancer. As with many other sulfate free products, you should not expect to see the lathering effect that you normally see with traditional shampoos. You should expect smooth, silky, clean and healthy feeling hair after using a Moroccan oil shampoo, but different products include different ingredients, that may affect the other properties of the product. You may need to try several different product before you find your favoriate one. Brands that specialize in cold pressed Moroccan oil cosmetic products include –


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